Hammock Universe

3-Beam Hammock Stand - 15 ft.

Fits with ALL our hammocks! Assembles in 5-min without tools.

First of all, all of our hammocks fit with this stand so you know the hammock you buy is going to fit. Secondly, it's strength and versatility are outstanding. Most importantly, not only is this hammock stand easy to assemble, it's easy to move. Say good bye to the days of permanent hammock stands! 

For example, why would you spend hours digging holes and cementing poles into the ground when you can spend just a few minutes assembling this stand? Thanks to the tool-free assembly, you'll be relaxing in your hammock before you know it. Isn't that the reason you are buying a hammock in the first place? 

Moreover, this hammock stand is made of high-grade steel and is sturdy enough to hold 450 pounds so you can snuggle up in safety with your loved ones. The powder-coated steel finish makes it aesthetically pleasing and above all, the color enables it to blend in with any surrounding. In addition, the end-caps that cover the end of each piece help create a soft finish and certainly adds another touch of safety to the finished product.

Features and benefits:

  • Fits with all of our hammocks for no-brainer fitment
  • One of our best-selling stands makes this a popular choice
  • Fabricated from steel, with powder coated finish for good looks
  • Assembles without tools in under five minutes for the DIY'er
  • Warranty: 1-year for your peace of mind
  • Ships with 1-3 business days 
  • FREE Shipping in Canada

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