Hammock Universe

Nicaraguan Hammock - Deluxe

Colour: Celeste-Aqua

The Cadillac of non-spreader bar hammocks.

The Nicaraguan Hammock is huge. An enormous amount of cotton is used, resulting in a thick, sturdy and immensely comfortable hammock.

Handwoven in Nicaragua, this luxurious hammock offers the ultimate experience of comfort and relaxation. Who needs to go to the Caribbean when you can experience it in your own backyard? Nicaraguans have been using these traditional hammocks as beds for generations. This Nicaraguan hammock comes fully fringed with all the extras, you will not be disappointed.


• Superb Quality & Comfort
• Double thickness ensures long-lasting weave
• Hand-woven in Nicaragua in the traditional way
• 100% soft-spun cotton for Ultimate Comfort
• Fits one or two (and the pet!)
• Weight capacity: 450 lbs
• Total hammock length: 13'
• Bed dimensions: 7' long, (3.33' wide unstretched)
Included: Hammock (Stand not included)

  • 1-year warranty
  • Store indoor after use
  • Ships in 1-3 business days

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