Flags Unlimited

20 ft. Aluminum Flagpole with Flag

Base: Sleeve
Flag: Canadian

Show your pride with a 20' aluminum outdoor flag!

Our 20-ft. Aluminum Sectional Outdoor Flag is lightweight, easy to install and most importantly, won't rust! In addition, we also include a Canadian Flag (However, an American flag is optional for our southern neighbors) Most importantly, it comes in 4-sections for super easy installation. 

Our Outdoor Flagpole is excellent for windy locations and the Canadian climate! As a result, it's ideal for daily outdoor flying. Double needle hem all around for extra strength, and packaged in a Canadian-made gift box that makes this outdoor flag ideal for gift giving.

About the flag: The DuraPly® spun polyester fabric used in the Canadian Heritage Collection is reminiscent of the hardy wool bunting used in flag-making of yesteryear. Firstly, the look and feel of the fabric gives the flag an heirloom quality. Secondly, its strength meets today’s expectations making these Canadian flags our most durable screen-printed product. To sum it up, this is the “pride” of Flags Unlimited! You will not be disappointed!


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  • Ideal for home & cottages, businesses & organizations.
  • Outdoor Flag Pole: 5 x 4' brushed aluminum pole pieces
  • Pole Height: 20' (18' installed) Diameter: 2"
  • Includes: Ground sleeve for easy install
  • Gold colour ball top for good looks
  • Truck
  • Rope
  • Nylon flag clips
  • Installation instructions for a no-sweat install
  • Flag Included: Canadian Premium Heritage Collection.
  • Size - 36" x 72"
  • Optional: USA Flag for our American friends


Note about the bases: The Sleeve requires cement for a sturdy base. Once the cement has set, put the pole in place. After that, add the flag and you're good to go!

If you're looking for a easy bolt-n'-go option, the Rock & Dock Base can be bolted to rocks or docks for example, or patios or decks. 

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