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8' and 10' Outdoor Flagpole Kit with Flag

Size: 8' Flag Pole Kit
Base: No Base
Bracket: No Bracket

Show your pride with an Outdoor Flag!

This kit includes (1) Flagpole and (1) Canadian Flag. Base is optional.

Why you'll love it:

  • Made by Canada's largest flag manufacturer
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for home or businesses
  • Flag Pole: 1-piece brushed aluminum pole
  • Flag Included: Size - 18" x 36"
  • Pole Height: 8' or 10'. Diameter: 1.5"
  • Gold ball top
  • S-hook
  • Tie wrap
  • Eyebolt
  • Optional: USA Flag for our American friends (Contact us)
  • Need something larger? Check out our 20' Flags and 24' Flags.

Our 8' and 10' Aluminum Outdoor Flag Poles are firstly, Made in Canada and secondly, they are built out of aluminum and therefore will not rust. Thirdly, there is no rope with this pole. You simply drop the pole and fasten your flag to the eyebolt and use a tie wrap to secure the bottom of the flag. This means a super easy installation for you.

In addition, we also include our best selling Canadian Flag for a complete kit. They are great in windy areas and therefore they are perfect for placing on your property! 

Note: This pole is typically used in combination with a base or bracket of some sort (i.e. our Roof Base or Tire Base) See attached images for examples.


Roof Base: A black, iron cross brace that sits flat on the ground or roof. Designed for patio stones to act as weights. Tire Base: A two piece black iron base that allows vehicles tires to weigh it down. Great for trade shows, car dealerships, outdoor markets.


These wall mounted brackets are black, heavy-duty iron brackets that will mount to any vertical surface. Vertical Bracket: Holds flagpole straight up and down with the wall. Angle Outrigger: Holds flagpole at a 45˚ angle from wall. Adjustable: Holds flagpole at various angles ranging from straight up and down to 90˚ out from the wall. (Note: screws/bolts are not included with these brackets)

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