FIM Umbrella Base and Mount Kits

Deck Mount Plate (DMT): An 8" x 8" square aluminum plate to be bolted to an existing solid surface. 4 bolt holes around perimeter. Thickness 1/2"  [C-Series]

Deck Mount Plate (DMT16): A 16" diameter silver powder coated steel plate to be bolted to an existing solid surface. 6 bolt holes around perimeter. Thickness: 5/16” [P-Series, Flexy, Not Twin/Zen]

Ground Insert Base (GIB): A zinc plated steel sleeve to be poured into concrete for permanent installation. This has the smallest possible footprint of all bases. Presents a flush surface when not in use. [All Series, Not Twin/Zen]

Freestanding Base (FSB/X): Adjustable 4-prong base to accept 4 square patio
pavers. Powder coated, zinc plated steel. Required paver size: 16” or 18” or 20” square [C-Series]

Freestanding Offset Base (FSB/OS24): 3-piece aluminum frame rear offset base design with a 26”x 50” footprint. Required paver size: 24” square [C-Series]

Freestanding Offset Base (FSB/OSS24): 5-piece aluminum rear offset base with a 32”x 50” footprint. Two front stabilizer bars increase stability for use with our large umbrellas. Required paver size: 24” square [P-Series, Flexy, Not Twin/Zen]

Freestanding Base (FSB/FTS): Low profile 22" x 37" x 2" powder coated steel plate base with adjustable legs and modular steel weight elements. Base consists of 5 pieces and weighs 450lbs. [Flexy Twin]

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