Poly Furniture Care & Cleaning

Although our products are very weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, there are some easy and tried solutions for cleaning and caring for your chairs to keep them looking like new.

Poly is smooth to the touch, making it easy and basically self-cleaning. It does not absorb moisture; therefore, it will not stain. It is safe to leave out all seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It’s also fairly heavy, so it’s safe in the wind and storms. Snow and ice will not affect it, and if anything, will naturally clean it, lifting off dirt and grime.

The sun is your worst enemy, and that’s true about anything, not just our chairs. Everything will fade eventually. Our poly uses high-colour fast UV-protection systems to keep your chairs' colour for years, even decades, and has come a long way since first-gen technologies.

  • UV-covers and waxes can help preserve the shine and colour life of your chair. Keep an eye on our products list to see available covers, or find them everywhere online.
  • Soap and water will do the trick most of the time, wiping away stains and messes easily. Try this first.
  • Pressure washers can help remove dirt and grime that may have built up over the years. Don’t get too close; it doesn’t take much pressure to get your chair looking like new.
  • Strong cleaners and solvents, such as bleach/water mixture or chlorine, are safe and can also help remove supposed stains. Check your local hardware store for furniture cleaners. Currently, we do not offer a line of cleaning products.

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