Umbrella Fabric Color Swatches

Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric.

Designed for outdoor use, the solution (spun) dyed acrylic fabric resists salt water, chlorine and any type of harsh climate. Colors do not bleed and remain vibrant for a long time. A specific treatment makes the fabric water repellent, mold resistant and protects it from staining. This type of fabric resists the most extreme conditions and is suitable for year-round use in gardens, terraces, pool sides or on-board boats. It’s definitely the top choice canopy fabric to select for your Product. UPF 50+ (UV Protection Factor)


5401 Canvas Pacific Blue

54045402 Canvas Granite

5403 Canvas Jockey Red

5404 Canvas Natural 

5408 Canvas Black

54675413 Canvas Spa

54025422 Canvas Antique Beige

80605439 Canvas Navy

80785440 Canvas Terra

808054010 Canvas Rust

5453 Canvas Canvas 

5461 Canvas Taupe 

5476 Canvas Heather Beige

54678060 Dupione Stone 

54028080 Dupione Echo Sangria

80248024 Dupione Peridot



Phifertex Standard Micro Mesh - Available for FLEXY only. These are highly recommended for windy locations.

This fabric allows natural air flow and has an excellent resistance to wind, ensuring a pleasant shading at the same time. Suggested to those who want a surely eye-catching alternative fabric. Its fiber composition, taking advantage of the “Precontraint” technology, guarantees an exceptional resistance to tearing, ultraviolet light and mold.



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