Krahn Adirondack Glider - Classic

Color: White
Antique - Black Premium Texture
Walnut - Black Premium Texture
Birchwood - Mahogany Premium Texture
Walnut - Sand Premium Texture
Antique - Sand Premium Texture
Driftwood - Sand Premium Texture
Coastal Gray - Sand Premium Texture
Tungsten - Silver
Sangria - Sand
Pine - Sand
Weathered Wood - Black
Sand - Black
Cedar - Black
Silver - Black
Teak - Black
Cobalt - White
Blue Jay - White
Aruba - White
Lime - White
Lemon - White
Tangerine - White
Candy - White
Apple - Black
Blue Jay

Krahn Adirondack Glider - Recycled Plastic

Traditional Glider Base System with Industry Standard ball bearing brackets | Made in Canada

Includes: (1) KRAHN Adirondack Glider - Classic

Why you'll love it:

  • Complimentary local delivery in Ontario
  • Wide 5.5" arm, and 22" width seat
  • Extremely smooth gliding motion for ultimate relaxation
  • Large, wide and comfortable fan back
  • 2" x 4" legs for support
  • 3/4" material for an simple, edgy design
  • Stainless hardware, with hidden screws for a clean, elegant look
  • Industry-first seat support for extreme strength
  • Upright design making it easy to get in and out
  • Weight: 65+ lbs
  • Made from 100% recycled, premium grade, high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • 10-year residential warranty for peace of mind
  • Want cozier? Adirondack Glider Small
  • Want larger? Adirondack Glider Deluxe

Krahn Adirondack Glider

Love our Adirondack Chairs but can't sit still? You'll be sure to love our Plastic Krahn  Adirondack Gliders! Features a traditional glider base with industry standard ball bearing brackets, neatly tucked away beneath the seat.

Based on the Adirondack Patio Chair Classic, this is a great compromise between the Small and Deluxe models. Using the same frame and seat width as the Deluxe and the seat and back material of the small for straighter, edgier designs, you get the best of both worlds!  If you plan to spend a lot of time here, as we're sure you will, be sure to check out our adjustable Head Cushions for the ultimate in comfort! 

Your alternative to painted wood! Manufactured with 100% Recycled Plastics. This material will not splinter, crack, or warp as wood is prone to do. No water absorption so mold, mildew and bugs cannot penetrate the surface. UV-protected to resist fading and discoloration. Easily cleans with soap and water. Life expectancy is up to 50 years!

When can I expect my order?

Due to the amount of colour options this glider is built-to-order. We strive to deliver your order between 4 - 8 weeks, however please contact us for current lead times as material shortages may cause delays. 

FREE Home & Cottage Delivery Service

This Krahn Adirondack Glider ships fully assembled, and we offer a true home & cottage delivery with setup on your deck or dock. This applies to Southwestern Ontario and cottage country within reason.

*Shipping charges will apply to Northern Ontario and areas east of Toronto

    The following guide applies to our patio chairs, rockers, and glider variations of the Small, Classic, and Deluxe models.

    Adirondack Small

    Cozy, light, and affordable, our entry level chair is built on the same frame as our larger chairs. Features include a 20" wide seat, 5.5" wide arms, and 3/4" seat and back material. Boasts the same hand-built quality and hidden hardware as the rest of our products.

    Adirondack Classic

    The Classic splits the difference between our chair models. Features the same overall width as the Deluxe, with 3/4" seat and back material and 5.5" wide arms. The Classic has a straight front slat and a broad curved back for a unique look.

    Adirondack Deluxe

    Our largest, strongest, and heaviest chair. Features a wide 24.5" seat, 5.5" wide arms, with 1" material on the seat and back. Retains the classic Adirondack double arch front slat cut out and large fan back. If you want the best, look no further.

    About the Brand

    KRAHN is a Canadian company, with roots dating back to 1986. They design and manufacture their products entirely in house, using top of the line computerized machinery for extreme accuracy and then hand screwed and assembled for quality control and that special touch. What makes this brand special is their attention to detail that typically isn't found in outdoor furniture, such as hidden fasteners and rounded corners everywhere for a product that's truly pleasing to the eye and to the touch. 

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