Adirondack & Muskoka Chairs

Recycled Plastic Muskoka Chairs

Recycled plastic Adirondack Chairs & recycled plastic Muskoka Chairs have become the favourite choice among cottagers and anyone wanting a low maintenance outdoor chair. Our recycled plastic Adirondack Chairs are built heavy-duty, are UV-protected for all-season durability, and feature curves that fit you just right. Order yours today at My Outdoor Room, and enjoy all the benefits a recycled plastic Muskoka Chair has to offer!

Krahn Adirondack Chair Small from $497.00 $539.00
Krahn Adirondack Chair Classic from $537.00 $599.00
Krahn Adirondack Chair - Deluxe from $567.00 $639.00
Krahn Yacht Club Chair from $587.00 $649.00
Krahn Yacht Club Chair Patio from $587.00 $649.00
Krahn Deck Chair from $487.00 $499.00
Krahn Adirondack Glider - Deluxe from $767.00 $819.00
Krahn Adirondack Glider - Small from $697.00 $699.00
Krahn Adirondack Rocker - Deluxe from $657.00 $699.00

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