Adirondack & Muskoka Chairs

"Embrace Eco-Friendly Comfort: Discover KRAHN Recycled Plastic and Poly Adirondack Chairs!"

"Welcome to our curated collection of Adirondack chairs, where comfort meets sustainability with KRAHN. Crafted from premium recycled plastic and poly materials, our chairs offer the perfect blend of eco-consciousness and style for your outdoor sanctuary."

Krahn Adirondack Chair Small from $497.00 $539.00
Krahn Adirondack Chair Classic from $537.00 $599.00
Krahn Adirondack Chair - Deluxe from $567.00 $639.00
Krahn Yacht Club Chair from $587.00 $649.00
Krahn Yacht Club Chair Patio from $587.00 $649.00
Krahn Deck Chair from $437.00 $499.00
Krahn Adirondack Glider - Deluxe from $817.00 $861.00
Krahn Adirondack Glider - Small from $747.00 $763.00
Krahn Adirondack Rocker - Deluxe from $667.00 $699.00

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